Saturday, 22 June 2019

Whipsnade Safari Park Sunset Session

A trip to our favourite safari park was made even more special by attending the Sunset session at Whipsnade Safari Park.

We arrived just before 6 and after a short queue we parked up and made our way to the entrance.  Whilst there were a lot of people milling around it didn't seem crowded at all.

Once we were booked in everyone dispersed to different parts of the park.  We made our way to the chimpanzees who unfortunately didn't make an appearance so we set off in search of brown bears and weren't disappointed.  They were out and very playful.  This seemed to be the theme for most of the animals.  The lion enclosure is fabulous and we got to see the pack up close, personal and very active. 
Daddy and daughter time at Whipsnade Wildlife Park

Next we made our way to the tigers who were very active and playful tumbling about with each other.  Each animal we visited was active and it was a pleasure to witness them at a different time of day than normal.

There were refreshment kiosks all round the park serving light refreshments but unfortunately we chose the wrong way when entering the park and completely missed the enormous food court serving lots of different types of hot food in trucks - oops!

We had pre booked and paid for a behind the scenes elephant care tour.  It was really educational and informative.  The keeper was really friendly and explained lots of unusual details.  Who knew that elephants on average sleep only 4 hours in a 24 hour period - not us!  We got to see the way care has changed over the decades and the latest most modern building in use.  Of course we got to see the elephants up close as well especially the youngest 'Sam' who was adorable and very playful.
Sam the elephant
We managed a trip round on the steam train which was fun even though I've been riding that train for 40 years.  Lots of information from the driver.  This is an extra cost as well but only a few pounds.

The evening session is only 4 hours so is a bit of a whistle stop tour but we shall definitely be returning next year although we'll probably book to stay somewhere overnight as we didn't arrive back in Gloucester until the small hours with a very fast asleep 10 year old mind you we slept pretty well that night.

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Northern Cities Cruise Royal Caribbean 2019

We've been on several cruises before but by far my favourite was to Norway and the Fjords.  This time we chose to visit the Norwegian capital Oslo and several other major northern cities of Europe.

Independence of the Seas Promenade
We went on our favourite ship Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas.  We love everything about this ship and my favourite place is the cantilever spa pools - one on either side of the ship.  It's a great place to view everything and an added bonus that no children are allowed.

Libby our daughter was finally (after years of waiting) tall enough to try the flowrider.  We booked a group lesson for early on the first morning so she could try it out without large numbers of people watching.  Unfortunately after arriving and waiting for over 40 minutes no one turned up.  She was very disappointed but the staff admitted they had completely forgotten so arranged another lesson just for her and her dad the next day.  It was fabulous.  The 2 instructors were really good fun and by the end of the session she was doing great.  It was used many times over the week and she gained quite a reputation amongst the hardened surfer men who cheered her on and were great with her.  I on the other hand chose to do the recording and photographs.
Libby surfing on the Flowrider
Our dining choice was to sit at a table with another family.  This can sometimes work and be fun or you can get seated with people who are total opposites.  This time we were lucky and enjoyed a week with a lovely mum and her son.  We had lots of laughs with both them and the dining room staff who were as always absolutely fabulous going above and beyond to help and make it very special.  I celebrated my birthday on board and our table was treated to a specially made dinner that happened to be my favourites (I had mentioned this to one of the waiters earlier in the week) - well done Royal Caribbean.

We did a cupcake decorating class which again was great fun and enjoyed by all.  Unfortunately, my husband turned out to be the most creative and his stiletto cupcake design was stunning - we'll never live it down.
Jonathan's masterpiece!
Why did it have to be so good?
As for the cities we visited; Oslo, Hamburg and Brugee they were all lovely.  Oslo was stunning with lots to do and very friendly people who couldn't do enough to help.  If you get the chance visit Vigeland Sculpture Park as its quite something to see.  Hamburg was a little functional but still a lovely place to visit, the departure was beautiful and we got lots of waving from people on the banks. The lake in the centre of the city is beautiful and surrounded by stunning houses and different embassies.  Brugee was, as always, gorgeous.  A stunning historical city with lovely waterways, medieval buildings and lots and lots of chocolate shops.  Libby's favourite was obviously Brugee and she shopped til she dropped - it took us many weeks to eat all the chocolate she bought (a difficult job but someone had to do it).

Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo
We had a lovely week and cannot wait to return.  I truly feel as though I left a little piece of my heart in Norway and maybe someday this is where I'll end up.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

We The Curios Bristol Planetarium

As a surprise for my husband Jonathan who loves anything astronomical I booked an adult only session at the Bristol Planetarium.

The session was in 3D and was really well done.  Usually I struggle with 3D due to sight problems but this one worked perfectly.  The effect of us flying over Earth was breath taking and when we landed on another planet the droplet effect was mesmerizing.
The night sky at Bristol Planetarium
The show itself was well presented but the presenter whilst pleasant would have suited a much younger audience.

There were refreshments on offer and overall was a really nice evening that I would recommend to other lovers of the night sky.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a beautiful place to visit with so many fun things to do.  Each time we visit we find something different to do.

It was another lovely day and the sun was shining as we arrived.
Lovely view of Warwick Castle
 We had a lovely walk round the grounds reading all about the history before embarking on a trip round the Horrible Histories Maze.  We've done this before but still managed to get thoroughly lost.  We didn't cheat and worked our way all round learning all the horrible facts in the usual gruesome manner from WW1 to the Tudors.  Great fun.  Plus the younger ones can get a special card stamped at each time era along the way.  Mind you they seem to just love running around getting more and more lost.

Next we went for a wander through the house itself which is really lovely.  There are also several trails children can do in here but Libby chose not too (I think she may be 'getting too old' for that sort of thing).  There are always enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at hand to offer interesting details but if you prefer there's a lot of information about each room.  I love the grandeur and opulence particularly the bedrooms.

We decided to take Libby on the dungeons tour and we're very pleased we did.  She loved it even though she was scared for most of the way round.  The courtroom is really interesting and the whole tour is funny and interactive.  Be warned you will jump at the last bit.  I'd done it before and knew what was coming but still jumped out of my seat.
The Dungeon Tour
We managed a bit of archery and despite Libby being useless last time we tried it at Centre Parcs she managed to score a bullseye.  Well done Libby.

Food is really reasonable and varied.  Lots of different choices and vegetarians also had plenty to choose from.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Primrose Vale Easter Trail

I've been told that the Easter Trail at Primrose Vale in Cheltenham is eggcellent so we decided to give it a go and we had great fun.  We went quite early so not many other people there. 

They do a trail for under 5's and one for the older children.  You basically follow the numbers and do the activity at each place writing down your answer on a sheet before going back to the start and claiming your prize.

The games really were inventive with lots of silly ideas.  Dragging someone round a pretend lake on a sleigh, lining lots of wellies up in different order, an egg and spoon race over an obstacle course....... the list was endless.
Me winning the race!

Battleships on the farm
We laughed so much and the fact that me with an injured knee won the obstacle course does show that slow and steady wins the race.

If you get the chance go along next Easter and I'm sure you'll have an eggstemely good time.

Sorry for the puns!

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Our first trip to an aquarium for a very long time.  I have to say fish are not really my thing.  In fact a couple of years ago I went on a break with a friend to Greece and we were paddling in the sea when several fish swam by and touched my feet.  I jumped in to my friends arms and remained there whilst she carried me out of the water - I'm so brave.

Anyway, back to the aquarium.  You enter at the bottom and sort of wind your way up along a path.  There are lots of different displays and tanks full of weird and wonderful fish.  It does get a little crowded but I have to say the fish are quite mesmerizing.

There's a penguin area that is shockingly small with no natural light.

When you get to the top there's a open tank full of manta rays which again is quite impressive.  Lots of warning signs asking you not to touch them that were completely ignored with people putting their hands in left right and centre.  No members of staff intervened to stop them either.

There's also the obligatory tunnel you walk through.  It's quite short and again very crowded.  It was lovely to see some turtles swimming about but it seemed quite cramped for them as well.  

Saturday, 9 March 2019

The Wild Place Project

Another day another animal park.  This time we visited Bristol Wildlife Project which is on the outskirts of Bristol and a branch of Bristol Zoo.  It's quite a small place and to be honest it's a little run down.

There were lots of animals to see and the wolf enclosure is always very active.  I've been to this park several times over the years and we always see the wolf pack.  The viewing area has a glass panel quite low down so when they walk past you do feel very close to them.

The giraffe enclosure is quite impressive but I'm never sure how much conservation occurs at this park and there never seems to be anyone about to ask.

The play areas are well used and could do with an update.  We did go out of season but have been here in mid season and it's the same.  The mud walk is closed but it was closed last time as well and like the play areas it is in need of some TLC.

The lunch facilities are limited at best.  We went to grab a sandwich just after 11 from the café and they hadn't had their delivery yet.  Surely a delivery of lunch provisions should arrive before lunch?  The staff were quite rude suggesting bluntly that we make do with a cupcake. 

Overall I would say this is an ok few hours out but not really for older children.  Our daughter was quite bored and was ready to go after a couple of hours.  Oh and she was hungry as well.