Monday, 7 September 2015

Harry Potter Studio Tour

This was our fourth visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and the first time we took our 7 year old daughter (Libby) along.  She’s a massive Harry Potter fan who is obsessed with both the films and the books. We previously worried it might be a little much for her but she asked to go so we thought it would be a good time to show her.

From the start to the end she was absolutely enthralled and loved every minute of it. Even the queue to enter the tour was entertaining.  The staff are very chatty and knowledgeable and seem very passionate about all things Potter - a bit like us really.

I won’t spoil the start for anyone that hasn’t been but once again my husband and I were very emotional at the entrance and Libby was mesmerized.  
Magic Flying Car above the Hogwarts Express

We all enjoyed all the exhibits and props but Libby's face was a picture when she turned the corner into Diagon Alley and she loved the enormous model of Hogwarts.

As usual we had lots of fun flying the broomsticks and the Weasley car. The only bit that we had to run through was the make up and creature/animatronics department which she found a little scary especially the giant spider.

The new Hogwarts Express and Platfordm 9 3/4 display was a super addition and made the extra visit different and special for us.

Overall as massive Harry Potter fans we love visiting and I'm sure it won't be our last visit. All the staff were enthusiastic and really good with children. The facilities have improved and the cafe is now a lot bigger and inside rather than being on the outside lot. And as usual everything was very clean.

Oh and the gift shop is great fun.  Make sure you’re prepared for the amount of souveniers you’ll leave with.  We always end up with bags full of goodies.
Can’t wait for our inevitable next visit and Libby is probably more excited to return than we are - if that's possible.