Thursday, 8 October 2015

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Musical - Drury Lane Theatre London

My daughter Libby loves The Charlie and The Chocolate Factory films both the original and the updated version with Johnny Depp so for her 7th birthday treat we surprised her with a visit to London to watch the musical version on stage. As you can imagine she was very excited.  Apart from pantomine this was her first visit to the theatre and definitely her first visit to a big theatre production.

We had really good seats in the stalls so could see everything. The show started on time and was fab. The songs were entertaining, the story kept to the original as much as possible but obviously has to be a little different. The child stars were really good, very confident and engaging and the adults were super. Willy Wonka was brilliant and very amusing as was one of the Grandparents. Charlie's parents were really likeable characters but Charlie shone head and shoulders above everyone and put on a really fabulous performance. It always surprises me how someone as young could do such an accomplished job. 

Libby daughter was completely enthralled and her face lit up when they revealed the gates to the factory and I have to say the finale was very emotional!

Only negatives would be the missing Oompa Lumpa song which we were very disappointed not to be able to sing along to and be careful when ordering a slush puppie and getting caught out by the themed cup which is very expensive.

Definitely go and see if you like the story.

Libby very excited to watch one of her favourite Roald Dahl production
 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory