Friday, 5 February 2016

Longleat Safari Park

We are a family of animal lovers and like to visit lots of different places both in and out of season.  It gives a more rounded view of animals at different times of the year. 
We visited the park in February so expected it to be cold and realised this would also apply to the animals and which ones we were likely to see. Unfortunately, there were so many animals missing it became like a scene from the Jurassic Park movie. No cheetahs, no elephants, no giraffes, no tapir etc on and on went the list. Again we realise the weather was the cause but I think perhaps a reduction in the entrance fee or some forward planning from the management with regards to extra displays etc
The monkey enclosure should be avoided at all costs, nearly every car that went through was attacked and damaged including our own. We ended up driving home with no windscreen wipers in the rain.  It was a very long and dangerous journey.  Whilst there are warnings regarding this they are taken with a pinch of salt but please please heed the warnings and take the exit to avoid them.
The extra activities were fun and all were open.  We had a great time navigating our way round the maze and whilst I would like to say that I won I can't lie.  I was last.
Surveying the maze at Longleat Safari Park
Lunch was an interesting option, if you're a vegetarian then take your own. There was literally nothing available and when we asked we were met with absolute shock. Vegetarian??  We ended up eating doughnuts and crisps - I suppose we should be grateful the doughnuts were warm. 
The walk through with both the meerkats and the penguins was something I've never seen before and I’m not sure how much benefit it is to the animals for everyone to be walking through their habitats. 
Staff were helpful and informative when you could find them which unfortunately proved to be quite a tricky task. Overall, very very disappointing.