Monday, 1 August 2016

Novotel Cardiff City Centre

Sadly not all travel experiences are as good as we hope.  Our stay here was at best mediocre. 
I booked an overnight stay for my daughter and I and we were left feeling disappointed.
The bathroom was very dirty and when we reported this to reception nothing happened and we ended up cleaning it ourselves.
The breakfast staff were rude and when I asked for caffeine free coffee (for medical reasons) my request was ignored. Breakfast buffet was overcrowded and chaotic.

Drinks in the bar
The bar staff however were very friendly and helpful and the bar area was light and airy.
Having a pool and hot tub was a lovely addition as we were on a shopping trip so welcomed some relaxation time.  There was a dedicated time for children which we thought would be abused but 5 minutes before the end of their session the staff came in and announced they needed to exit the pool. Very impressed. On a safety note; the hot tub has a raised area in the middle that is not visible and I stubbed my little toe which I discovered when getting home was broken. I'm not blaming the hotel just think you should be aware it's there – I spent my evening walking around in very clumpy shoes with a lovely dress so not the best look.
Overall a very average hotel that benefits from good facilities.