Saturday, 7 April 2018

Birmingham Think Tank

The Think Tank Museum in Birmingham is an interactive science museum.  Libby had been previously with friends and said it was good so off we went.

The museum itself is in a large modern building in the centre of Birmingham.

Overall we had a good morning there but it definitely wouldn't satisfy a full day out.  Lots of the activities are interactive so you have to wait quite a while for them to become free.  Plus you need a little bit of elbow power or you stand there forever.  I hate to say it but I've never come across so many rude children.

The activities were generally good fun but there seemed to be an awful lot of broken ones or ones with maintenance posts on them.  This was a real shame as you began to expect the machines not to
be working.

The robot area was really good and you could program the robot to do and say things whilst making it move.  We had lots of fun with this as you can imagine.

There were a lot of areas specially for younger children and a whole village set up for under 5s to play at. The outside area was good fun and lots of energy needed to work some of the exhibits.  We definitely enjoyed this more.