Sunday, 17 June 2018

Father's Day - National Space Centre

Happy Father's Day!

The daddy in our house has a serious interest in all things space and astronomical so we thought it was time to take him to the National Space Centre for the day and he had a fabulous time.

We arrived before it got too busy and entrance was smooth and fast.  The whole thing is set up into different sections on 2 floors with the planetarium in the centre.  We had a great time doing all the interactive exhibits.

Lots of learning about space both historically and in the modern day.  There are lots of replicas and real space debris and crafts.  There is so much to do its hard to remember all the bits we did.  We all loved the training to be an astronaut that after doing some tests tells you what your job would be on the spacecraft.  Lots of competition here to be the pilot - daddy won.
Daddy training to be a pilot
The planetarium show was really good.  We chose the one for older children but were still very disturbed by small children and babies messing about so a little disappointed but the overall show was excellent. 

You get to eat lunch in themed space booths which was fun and the food was really reasonable so again we were impressed.

We didn't manage to see everything as there is a lot to take in in one visit so we will definitely be going back.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Cotswold Wildlife Park - Giraffe Feeding Experience

Libby received a gift from her Gran to feed the giraffes at Cotswold Wildlife Park so we all went to watch.

The gift included entrance as well so we went nice and early and had a look at the different animals.  The rhino's are right in the middle with a really good viewing area all around their field.  They were out wallowing in the mud so great to see them. 

The walled garden area has penguins (dad's favourite), meerkats (Libby's obsession) and lots of other small mammels and birds. The gardens in this area are always beautifully presented with lots of colour on show.

We slowly made our way down to the giraffe house to meet the keeper at the allocated time.  He was ready and waiting and he was really friendly.  He included us all in the event and had us collecting large branches round the back of the enclosure to take to the feeding area.  Libby then had to reach the branches up to the two giraffes who stripped the leaves then grabbed the branch.  The keeper had to be extra careful to keep Libby on the ground as the giraffes are quite strong and kept lifting her off of her feet.  Very amusing.  Whilst the session was going on the keeper was giving us lots of information about the animals all over the park and the park itself.  He was very friendly and took extra time to answer all the questions Libby had.  She thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and wants a return visit.
Libby about to be lifted high in the air
After the giraffe feeding we continued round the park having a stop in the play area and lunch in the main restaurant. The park itself has a lovely open relaxed feeling and welcomes dogs which is very unusual. 

Another lovely visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park.