Friday, 6 July 2018

Butlins - Minehead

I debated whether or not to include this but decided to. Here goes.........

We had a mid week break booked in Cornwall and decided last minute that we wanted to make it a full week.  Due to being so late we ended up at Butlins in Minehead.  It was quite simply the worst decision I've made.  It was awful.

Our first impression when we arrived wasn't great.  Security and large groups of rowdy people booking in.  We did our check in and went to our 'room' or more aptly bomb shelter.  The carpets were so dirty and sticky we never took our shoes off, the bedding was stained, the bathroom was unusable and the whole place smelt of sick.  We let reception know but nothing happened. 
We then went to the restaurant for dinner.  We had paid extra for the 'nicer' restaurant but it was awful.  A canteen with people barging each other out the way.  Undercooked food and dirty plates.

After this experience we were getting very disheartened so went for a walk to have a look round.  The main complex is like nothing I've experienced before.  The facilities themselves aren't bad but there were drunk adults (and in some cases teenagers) everywhere you went.  The main green outside by the high ropes was littered with people drinking, smoking and rubbish everywhere - it was only 6.30pm. 

We took ourselves of for a walk along the beach.  This was lovely and there were other families clearly doing the same.

The next day we thought it might be a good idea to do as many paid activities as possible as these seemed to be empty.  We spent a large section of the day on the high ropes, crazy golf etc but you could not escape the dinking, smoking, foul swearing and general rowdiness.  There's something quite disturbing about an adult screaming obscenities at their young children and the children shouting them back. I went back to our bomb shelter and cried.  We looked at finding some other hotel but decided to stick it out. 

That night Libby was violently sick.  I suspect the food.  It really added to stench.

The next day we downloaded a treasure trail and spent the day in Minehead which was absolutely lovely.  We found lots of old fashioned streets, churches etc and sat at the top of the hill having an ice cream. 

When we returned to the holiday park Libby tripped at the gate and the security guard laughed at her and made fun of her.  Really sums up the whole experience.  Needless to say we left at about 5am the next morning and went on our way.

I'm sure Butlins has it's place but in my opinion after what we experienced I'd say it's somewhere back in the 1950s.  Awful awful experience