Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Flambards Theme Park

One of my favourite memories from my childhood is a day out at Flambards.  The first time I went I had my best friend Lisa with me, the second time I took my oldest daughter Shannon who is 25 now, went on my honeymoon
Libby with the Flambards Egg
 so it was lovely to go with my husband Jonathan and youngest daughter Libby.

The park is in a bit of a time warp but that's what makes it so lovely. 

None of the rides were busy and we had lots of fun on the log flume.  We went on it lots of times getting wetter and wetter which was great as it was a very sunny day.  We seemed to follow the same group of people round which culminated in a battle on the go karts.  Libby went on with her dad and they had a battle with the OTHER family.  It was very amusing and everyone spectating was getting in to it as well.  Lots of cheers when overtaking took place and booing at any questionable behaviour.  I'm very proud to say my team won and yes, it is important.  All in good fun though.

Next we went to the Victorian village with the chemist shop and the blitz experience.  So well done and so much information and still exactly how it was on my previous 2 visits.  I remember walking round the war time exhibit with my lovely dad and him reading everything on every board.  He sadly passed away a few years ago so was a lovely memory to have.
Flambards Theme Park
Lots of ice creams and a lovely lunch.  Every member of staff that we came in contact with were so sweet and kind. 

A really fantastic trip.  I look forward to taking the next generation.