Saturday, 9 March 2019

The Wild Place Project

Another day another animal park.  This time we visited Bristol Wildlife Project which is on the outskirts of Bristol and a branch of Bristol Zoo.  It's quite a small place and to be honest it's a little run down.

There were lots of animals to see and the wolf enclosure is always very active.  I've been to this park several times over the years and we always see the wolf pack.  The viewing area has a glass panel quite low down so when they walk past you do feel very close to them.

The giraffe enclosure is quite impressive but I'm never sure how much conservation occurs at this park and there never seems to be anyone about to ask.

The play areas are well used and could do with an update.  We did go out of season but have been here in mid season and it's the same.  The mud walk is closed but it was closed last time as well and like the play areas it is in need of some TLC.

The lunch facilities are limited at best.  We went to grab a sandwich just after 11 from the cafĂ© and they hadn't had their delivery yet.  Surely a delivery of lunch provisions should arrive before lunch?  The staff were quite rude suggesting bluntly that we make do with a cupcake. 

Overall I would say this is an ok few hours out but not really for older children.  Our daughter was quite bored and was ready to go after a couple of hours.  Oh and she was hungry as well.