Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is a beautiful place to visit with so many fun things to do.  Each time we visit we find something different to do.

It was another lovely day and the sun was shining as we arrived.
Lovely view of Warwick Castle
 We had a lovely walk round the grounds reading all about the history before embarking on a trip round the Horrible Histories Maze.  We've done this before but still managed to get thoroughly lost.  We didn't cheat and worked our way all round learning all the horrible facts in the usual gruesome manner from WW1 to the Tudors.  Great fun.  Plus the younger ones can get a special card stamped at each time era along the way.  Mind you they seem to just love running around getting more and more lost.

Next we went for a wander through the house itself which is really lovely.  There are also several trails children can do in here but Libby chose not too (I think she may be 'getting too old' for that sort of thing).  There are always enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff at hand to offer interesting details but if you prefer there's a lot of information about each room.  I love the grandeur and opulence particularly the bedrooms.

We decided to take Libby on the dungeons tour and we're very pleased we did.  She loved it even though she was scared for most of the way round.  The courtroom is really interesting and the whole tour is funny and interactive.  Be warned you will jump at the last bit.  I'd done it before and knew what was coming but still jumped out of my seat.
The Dungeon Tour
We managed a bit of archery and despite Libby being useless last time we tried it at Centre Parcs she managed to score a bullseye.  Well done Libby.

Food is really reasonable and varied.  Lots of different choices and vegetarians also had plenty to choose from.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Primrose Vale Easter Trail

I've been told that the Easter Trail at Primrose Vale in Cheltenham is eggcellent so we decided to give it a go and we had great fun.  We went quite early so not many other people there. 

They do a trail for under 5's and one for the older children.  You basically follow the numbers and do the activity at each place writing down your answer on a sheet before going back to the start and claiming your prize.

The games really were inventive with lots of silly ideas.  Dragging someone round a pretend lake on a sleigh, lining lots of wellies up in different order, an egg and spoon race over an obstacle course....... the list was endless.
Me winning the race!

Battleships on the farm
We laughed so much and the fact that me with an injured knee won the obstacle course does show that slow and steady wins the race.

If you get the chance go along next Easter and I'm sure you'll have an eggstemely good time.

Sorry for the puns!

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Our first trip to an aquarium for a very long time.  I have to say fish are not really my thing.  In fact a couple of years ago I went on a break with a friend to Greece and we were paddling in the sea when several fish swam by and touched my feet.  I jumped in to my friends arms and remained there whilst she carried me out of the water - I'm so brave.

Anyway, back to the aquarium.  You enter at the bottom and sort of wind your way up along a path.  There are lots of different displays and tanks full of weird and wonderful fish.  It does get a little crowded but I have to say the fish are quite mesmerizing.

There's a penguin area that is shockingly small with no natural light.

When you get to the top there's a open tank full of manta rays which again is quite impressive.  Lots of warning signs asking you not to touch them that were completely ignored with people putting their hands in left right and centre.  No members of staff intervened to stop them either.

There's also the obligatory tunnel you walk through.  It's quite short and again very crowded.  It was lovely to see some turtles swimming about but it seemed quite cramped for them as well.