Saturday, 6 April 2019

Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Our first trip to an aquarium for a very long time.  I have to say fish are not really my thing.  In fact a couple of years ago I went on a break with a friend to Greece and we were paddling in the sea when several fish swam by and touched my feet.  I jumped in to my friends arms and remained there whilst she carried me out of the water - I'm so brave.

Anyway, back to the aquarium.  You enter at the bottom and sort of wind your way up along a path.  There are lots of different displays and tanks full of weird and wonderful fish.  It does get a little crowded but I have to say the fish are quite mesmerizing.

There's a penguin area that is shockingly small with no natural light.

When you get to the top there's a open tank full of manta rays which again is quite impressive.  Lots of warning signs asking you not to touch them that were completely ignored with people putting their hands in left right and centre.  No members of staff intervened to stop them either.

There's also the obligatory tunnel you walk through.  It's quite short and again very crowded.  It was lovely to see some turtles swimming about but it seemed quite cramped for them as well.