Saturday, 27 July 2019

National Justice Museum - Nottingham

A break visiting family included a trip to the National Justice Museum in Nottingham. 

As someone who is interested in all things crime (other than committing it of course!) I was very intrigued and definitely looking forward to this trip.

We booked our group ticket on line and when we arrived we were given our wristbands with our 'convict number' on them.  The numbers corresponded to different information around the museum which would tell you what your crime was, what sentence you were given etc.  The idea was that everyone in the group got a different number unfortunately several of ours were duplicated which was a little disappointing.  We did discover that overall we were a sorry bunch of pickpocketers, silk stocking smugglers etc not a murderer in sight!

The museum is actually the old court house and is really interesting.  There's a mock Witch Trial with actors that you can attend which was at best is a bit silly but not really worth the time it took to watch.  There's also a 'hanging' you can attend but again it's a little disappointing.  Other than that the museum is great.  Lots and lots of facts.  Lots of interesting exhibits and the ship taking convicts to Australia is done very well.  You can read a diary of several different characters as they embark on their new life.  It's really worth taking the time to read each of their diary entries.

The cafĂ© is basic but really good.  They were very helpful and made something to order that wasn't on the menu with no complaints and lots of friendly chat.

There's an exhibit at the entrance which you can see for free which covers different areas of crime detection; DNA, fingerprinting etc. and is really good.

Overall a good place to visit and one I would recommend for all ages.