Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Worcester Museum

We had an appointment in Worcester so decided to pop in and have a look at Worcester Museum.  Especially as they had a Star Wars Collection on show and our daughter Libby is a big fan.

It's free entry which is a nice touch and the man on reception told us about a treasure trail you can follow.  We decided Libby was too old or rather she decided she was 'too cool'.

The museum itself is in a lovely building so it makes for an interesting walk round.

It was the normal exhibits on show describing the local area and its history.  On the plus side the Star Wars exhibit was good fun.  Lots of original toys and merchandise from the 70's which I remember well (showing my age unfortunately).  Libby was intrigued by how big the movies were 'back then'.
Star Wars Exhibit - Worcester Museum
Over all it was a nice albeit brief visit and a little surprise on a day with a boring appointment.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

'Incarcerated' - Escape Room - Bristol

What a great time we had.

Have to say when we arrived my first impression was not great.  It's located in a terraced house on a general street.  Not quite what we expected.

There were four of us participating; myself and husband and another couple.  The man running it explained how it all worked and also gave us the option to change the theme if we wanted.  We decided to stick to our original choice and went for the War Spy Theme.  He also explained that due to the extreme heat the rooms did get quite warm so he happily sold us a bottle of water each!

He locked us in and we were off.  I've never done an Escape Room before so it was all new to me.  You have a certain amount of time to work out all the clues and find the key to get out.  One of the group had done several so he knew we had to move fast.  There were lots of clues and puzzles to solve.

We managed to work quite well together and after 53 minutes we found the key and Escaped!  We were very excited and of course celebrated at a bar with several drinks.

Definitely have a go at an Escape Room as they're great fun.

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Harts Barn Cookery School - Family Cooking Session

We've just got home from a really fun day at the Harts Barn Cookery School. 

We booked a family session for 4 hours where us and other families would be cooking a 3 course meal. 

It was great fun from start to finish.  The lady running it was really friendly and nothing was too much trouble.

We made a watercress soup for starters with flatbreads.  I was dubious about the soup as I'm definitely a tomato soup person but it was delicious.  The flatbreads were great and so simple to make.  Our main course was frittata; we did a veggie one and a meat one to please everyone.  Unfortunately these went wrong and to be honest were awful.  Libby did a mean salad though.  Desserts was meringues which we made and we could decorate how we wanted.  I have to say ours which were a bit of a play on a strawberry shortcake were divine. 

The whole day went really well.  The booking was simple and easy, the teacher was lovely, the lady doing the tidying was helpful and the facilities were lovely (apart from the blow torch which broke oops).  The setting of the cookery school is lovely in the heart of the Forest of Dean and due to lovely weather we ate everything outside.

I cannot recommend this highly enough and we will be back.

Stroud Outdoor Swimming Pool

Bit of a quick visit to this one. 

It was during the very very hot weather and we were desperate for a cool down.  We had to choose between Stroud (our closest) or Cheltenham (quite a bit further away and in the centre of town).  Time and ease lead us to Stroud.

The pool itself is large with an extra toddler pool.  When we arrived the main pool was sectioned off and it looked like only 2 small sections were usable.  The rest was closed.  The toddler pool was also closed.

The water was cool which was our reason to be there but overall its a very run down facility that either needs updating or replacing.  A real shame as outdoor pools are few and far between and this one could be really good if some money was spent on it.

Friday, 2 August 2019

Woolacombe Bay Beach Area

Last minute decision to have a day at the beach and what a fabulous beach we chose.

Its quite a drive from home but after 2hr 45minutes we arrived.  The beach is absolutely lovely but the sea was a long way out. We were dry before we reached our towels after the walk up from the water!  We made the walk several times and felt it the next day.

We set ourselves up and went down to the water.  Libby had a new boogie board and was determined to try it out.  She had lots of fun and many hours in the waves and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole atmosphere.

The beach was crowded but it was a sunny day in the school holidays so I wouldn't expect anything else.  Not sure what the facilities are like as we took everything with us.  There seemed to be a steady flow of people coming past with hot food and drinks so I assume there were several place.

It really is an old fashioned British seaside at its best without all the cheesy stuff.  We shall definitely be back.