Saturday, 16 November 2019

Gloucester Quays Victorian Festival

The Gloucester Quays Festival always feels like the start of the Christmas celebrations even if it is held halfway through November.

We've been going along since it began several years ago and whilst it's always busy and vibrant it seemed to be lacking a little of it's usual magic this year.  

As you'd expect there are lots and lots of stalls selling everything from local alcoholic drinks to pretty handcrafted goods.  There are lots of stalls offering free samples of cheese, gins etc but it is a little samey.  Same companies selling the same things year after year.  I'm not sure what you can do about that as there are only so many things that can be sold but if I'm being honest I was a little bored.

The entertainment wasn't as vibrant and fun as previous years.  Whilst there were actors in Victorian costume mingling with the crowds there didn't appear to be any scheduled shows.  There was a carousel but I think there needs to be more rides things to do.  

Word of warning; it is very busy and car parks get full quite early in the day so be prepared to queue.

The ice rink is good fun and I'm sure at some point we will be visiting.  We just need to book a slot.

Come on Gloucester - a bit more choice please.